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We have a close relationship with many of the best shippers in the business, so when you are buying a vehicle from us, you can get your car shipped to your door, safe and secure, no matter where in the world you live.

See examples of shipping rates in the table below:


Denmark to Europa

Shipping by truck  

From showroom:  To Town: Shipping rate: 
Langeskov (DK)  Amsterdam (NL) 524 €
Langeskov (DK)      Rotterdam (NL) 470 €
Langeskov (DK)  München (D) 572 €
Langeskov (DK)  Bergamo (I) 748 €
Langeskov (DK)  Zürich (CH) 612 €
Langeskov (DK)   Bruxelles (B) 551 €
Langeskov (DK)  Antwerpen (B) 524 €
Langeskov (DK)    Metz (F) 517 €


Shipping by boat

From showroom:  To Town: Shipping rate: 
Langeskov (DK)  Helsinki (FIN) 800 €
Langeskov (DK)  Killingeholme (UK) 810 €
Langeskov (DK)  Cannes (F) 975 €
Langeskov (DK) Southhampton (UK) 810 € 
Langeskov (DK)  St. Petersburg (RU) 1013 €
Langeskov (DK) Lisbon (PT) 995 €
Langeskov (DK) Civitavecchia, Rome (I) 850 € 
Langeskov (DK) Athens (GR) 840 €


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