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Triumph TR4

Nr. Årgang Mærke Model Motor
K412 1962 Triumph TR4 2.1L

1962 Triumph TR4 – restored


Wonderful restored second-production year 1962 Triumph TR4 roadster in great mechanical and cosmetic condition and with only 03423 miles on the odometer. The car retains its original 2.1-liter inline 4 engine making 105 brake horsepower and 4-speed manual transmission. The early production year makes this car especially desirable and collectible.  


The car was restored in 2010 and 2018 under the commission of the previous long-term Danish owner. Restoration in 2010 included new paint, new interior, new brakes system, differential, and new steering column and in 2018 the engine was rebuilt, including new pistons, cylinder, manifold, and starter. The car has been inspected and fully serviced and can be enjoyed as-is for many years to come. The car has Danish title and registration and is coming out of 10-year Danish ownership.


Car Specifications:

VIN/Chassis number: CT3871L

Odometer: 03423 miles

Engine: 2138cc/105hp 4-cylinder inline

Transmission: 4-speed manual


History of the 1961-1967 Triumph TR4:

Building off of the TR3's success, Triumph unveiled the TR4 in 1961. Furthering the evolution of the earlier model, the TR4 combined a low cost of entry with a capable open-top sports car to become one of Triumph's best-loved cars.


Stylistically, the TR4 was quite a departure from the TR3. Gone were the low-cut doors and polarizing grille of its predecessor, and in their place was a more modern design courtesy of Giovanni Michelotti. A spacious trunk, high beltline, full-sized doors with roll-up windows, and a revised front look brought the company into a new era.


Mechanically, the car possessed the same 105-hp, 2138 cc, inline four-cylinder engine that was offered during the TR3's later iterations, though buyers who were looking race their Triumph in two-liter classes could opt for the 1991 cc mill. The TR4's chassis was initially the same as its predecessor, though the track was wider and steering was through a rack and pinion set-up.


In all, just over 40,000 TR4s left the Coventry factory. And like most British roadsters of the era, the lion's share landed in the USA. Their relative affordability, good handling, and brisk performance made them a popular choice on the track, and they continue to be an entertaining drive today.

185.000,00 DKK

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