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Morris Mini pick-up

Nr. Årgang Mærke Model Motor
K296 1975 Morris Mini 1.0L

1975 Morris Mini pick-up


Restaureret Morris Mini "Mascot" pick-up med 1.0-liters motor og 4-trins manuel gearkasse. Bilen har ingen mekaniske problemer og starter, kører og stopper som den skal. Bilen har dansk registreringsattest fra 1975. Bilen kan være køres og nydes i mange år endnu.


Bilens specifikationer:
Stel: XLU1-181491A
Speedometer: 99999 kilometer
Motornummer: 99H791P-97739
Motor: 998cc, 4 cylindre, Horisontal (Forhjulstræk)
Gearkasse: 4-trins manuel


VIN decoding:
VIN: XLU1-181491A
X = This is simply dismissed by the factory as “non significant”!
L = 998cc (Engine type)
U = Pick-up (Body type)
1 = Round nose, traditional Mini body style.
181491 = The sequential build number
A = Longbridge, England (Assembly plant)


History of Morris Mini pick-up:


The pick-up truck (technically a coupe utility by definition) was only 11 ft (3.4 m) in total length and was built on the longer Mini Van platform, with an open-top rear cargo area and a tailgate. The factory specified the weight of the pick-up as less than 1,500 lb (680 kg) with a full 6 imperial gallons (27-liter) tank of fuel.


As with the van, the pick-up had stamped metal slots for airflow into the engine compartment. The pick-up was basic, although the factory brochure described a "fully equipped Mini pick-up is also available which includes a recirculatory heater." Passenger-side sun visor, seat belts, laminated windscreen, tilt tubes and cover were also available at extra cost. Like the van, the pick-up was renamed as the Mini 95 in 1978.


A total of 58,179 Mini pick-up models were built.

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