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Nr. Årgang Mærke Model Motor
K255 1970 MG MGB 1.8L

1970 MG MGB


Europæisk model med stålinstrumentpanel og kilometertal i speedometeret. Bilen blev synet den 03-05-2017 og skal ikke synes igen før 2025.   


Bilens specifikationer:
Speedometer: 81,643 Km
Stel/Chassis-nummer: GHN5/203848G
Commission nr.: G23N004781P
Motor: 1,798 cc (1.8L) B-Series I4 with 2x SU carburetors type AUD 325R
Drive: RWD (rear- wheel drive)
Gearkasse: 4-trins all-synchro manuel


History of the MG MGB:

The roadster was the first of the MGB range to be produced. The body was a pure two-seater but a small rear seat was a rare option at one point. By making better use of space the MGB was able to offer more passenger and luggage accommodation than the earlier MGA while 3 inches (75 mm) shorter overall. The suspension was also softer, giving a smoother ride, and the larger engine gave a slightly higher top speed. The four-speed gearbox was an upgrated version of the one used in the MGA with an optional (electrically activated) overdrive transmission. Wheel diameter dropped from 15 to 14 inches (360 mm).


In late 1967, sufficient changes were introduced for the factory to define a Mark II model for the 1968 model year. Changes included synchromesh on all 4 gears with revised ratios, an optional Borg-Warner automatic gearbox (except in the US), a new rear axle, and an alternator in place of the dynamo with a change to a negative earth system. To accommodate the new gearboxes there were significant changes to the sheet metal in the floor pan, and a new flat-topped transmission tunnel.


To meet US safety regulations, later North American cars got three windscreen wipers instead of just two (to sweep the required percentage of the glass), and also received a plastic and foam rubber covered "safety" dashboard, dubbed the "Abingdon pillow". Other markets continued with the steel dashboard. Rubery Owen RO style wheels were introduced to replace the previous pressed steel versions in 1969 and reclining seats were standardized. 1970 also saw a new front grille, recessed, in black aluminum. The more traditional-looking polished grille returned in 1973 with a black "honeycomb" insert. In North America, 1970 saw split rear bumpers with the number-plate in between, 1971-74 returned to the earlier single piece full length style chrome bumper.

128.000,00 DKK

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