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Citroën HY

Nr. Årgang Mærke Model Motor
K167 1973 Citroën HY 1.9L

1973 Citroën HY - på hvide plader


Bilen er afmeldt, men har været registreret som bus på hvide plader.


Bilens specifikationer:

Stel nr.: 5300198

Speedometer står på: 95977 Km

Motor: 1.9L


History of the Citroën HY:

The Citroën H Van, Type H, H-Type, or HY is a panel van (light truck) produced by the French carmaker Citroën between 1947 and 1981. It was developed as a simple front-wheel-drive van after World War II. Like the 1934 Citroën Traction Avant, the H had a unitary body with no separate frame, four-wheel independent suspension, and front-wheel drive. This combination provided unique benefits for a commercial van - a flat floor very close to the ground and 6 ft (180 cm) standing height, with a side loading door. The welded floor was strong enough to support a horse.


The engine, gearbox, and many smaller parts are shared with other Citroën models. The engine and gearbox are nearly identical to those in the Traction Avant, and later the DS only mounted with the engine in front of the gearbox. The headlights were identical to those of the 2CV, while speedometers were successively borrowed from the Traction Avant and the Ami 6.


The 1.9-liter motor offered more usable power than the smaller motor of its competitor, the Volkswagen Type 2.

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