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Volvo - PV 444

Nr. Årgang Mærke Model Motor
K228 1956 Volvo PV 444 B4B 1.4L

1956 Volvo PV444


En smuk Volvo PV444 i original stand. Bilen starter, kører og stopper som den skal. PV444 føles alt andet end langsomt. Selvom den er stærkt konstrueret, virker bilens 950 kg egenvægt i sin favør, og bilen føles adræt. Mens det aldrig var meningen at det skulle være en præstationsbil, er PV444 i stand til at holde tempoet i moderne trafik, hvilket gør den til et praktisk valg blandt klassiske bilentusiaster i dag.

Bilen blev synet den 16. August 2017.


Bilens specifikationer:
Stel: 93310

Speedometer: 06413 km
Motornummer: 98674

Motor: B4B, 1.4 liter, 1.414 cc, Række 4 cyl, 44 hk

Kompressionsforhold: 8.5:1
Gearkasse: 3-trins manuel
Farve: Volvo-farvekode 20 (Pearl gray)


History of the 1956-1966 Volvo PV444 and PV445:

Volvo returned to automobile production following World War II with the 1947 PV444. The two-door, five-seat coupe had a design very like a 1942 Ford, which made it look contemporary upon launch. The car quickly earned a reputation as a durable and economical way to get around town, and the car sold well. In addition to a fastback coupe, a Duett station wagon (the Volvo PV445) was also offered.


Underneath the sheet metal was a stiff unibody, a live rear axle, and large drum brakes. The car utilized a four-cylinder 1.4-liter engine with single carburetor (internally designated as the B4B) that produced 50 hp. Shifting duties were handled by a three-speed manual transmission.

While the PV444 was replaced by the PV544 in 1958, the PV444 wagon remained in production much later. Like the 544, the wagon received the 1.8-liter B18B engine.


Inside, the cabin is high and slightly narrow. The seats are very comfortable and the interiors are nicely executed. The ribbon speedometer takes some getting used to as does the lack of a tachometer, but the overall experience is entertaining.


Underway, the PV444 feels anything but ponderous. Although stoutly constructed, the car’s 950 kg curb weight works in its favor and the car feels relatively nimble. While it was never intended to be a performance car, the PV444 is able to keep up with modern traffic, which makes it a practical choice among enthusiasts today.


From an ownership standpoint, Volvo PV444s are easy to maintain. Parts supplies are abundant and affordable, and the cars are extremely durable.

110.000,00 DKK

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