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Mercedes-Benz 280SL Pagode

Nr. Årgang Mærke Model Motor
K223 1968 Mercedes-Benz 280SL 2.8L

1968 Mercedes-Benz 280SL Pagode


Motoren blev renoveret for under 10.000 km siden og gearkassen blev repareret i juli 2017. Der har været rust i bagagerummet og små rusthuller i skærmene, som er blevet repareret af en professionel pladesmed. Den originale lydisolering er blevet bevaret i bunden som bevis på, hvor lidt rust der har været over årene. Fakturaer fra de sidste 10 år er tilgængelige. Så meget som muligt af det originale er bevaret. 


Der medfølger ekstra soft top og div. reservedele med i købet.


Numrene på motor og karosseri matcher, dog er gearkassen skiftet.


Bilens specifikationer:
1. registrering: 06/1968
Speedometer: 127,500 km
Motor: 2,8 liter, 125 kW, 167 hk
Gearkasse: Automatic
Farve: Sølvmetal

History of the Mercedes-Benz W 113:

The Mercedes-Benz W 113 is a two-seat roadster/coupé, introduced at the 1963 Geneva Motor Show, and produced from 1963 through 1971. It replaced both the legendary 300 SL (W 198) and the 190 SL (W 121 BII). Of the 48,912 W 113 SLs produced, 19,440 were sold in the US.

The W 113 SL was developed under the auspices of Mercedes-Benz Technical Director Fritz Nallinger, Chief Engineer Rudolf Uhlenhaut and Head of Styling Friedrich Geiger. The lead designers were Paul Bracq and Béla Barényi, who created its distinctive, patented,] slightly concave hardtop, which inspired the "Pagoda" nickname.


All models were equipped with an inline-six-cylinder engine with multi-port fuel injection. The bonnet, trunk lid, door skins and tonneau cover were made of aluminum to reduce weight. The comparatively short and wide chassis, combined with an excellent suspension, powerful brakes and radial tires gave the W 113 superb handling for its time. The styling of the front, with its characteristic upright Bosch "fishbowl" headlights and simple chrome grille, dominated by the large three-pointed star in the nose panel, paid homage to the then already legendary 300 SL roadster.


A brief chronology of the most notable changes made to the 280SL:

12/1967: One piece wheel-covers (like W 108/W 109 sedans).

10/1968: US models with sealed beam headlights without fog lights.

02/1969: New tail lights with amber turn signals.

05/1969: ZF 5-speed manual transmission discontinued as listed option and available only on special request.

07/1969: US models with headlight assembly with full amber lower section, illuminated side markers, transistorized ignition, and improved emission control.

08/1969: Heated rear window for hardtop, hazard lights for all models, single master key for all locks.

04/1970: Bosch Lichteinheit headlights optionally with halogen main beam (distinguished by "flat" instead of "bubble" lens).

08/1970: Fuchs alloy wheels available as a factory-fitted option.

11/1970: Opaque beige plastic coolant expansion tank (instead of satin-black paint over brass). New door locks: cylinder can be depressed while door is locked.

850.000,00 DKK

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